Our education and training programs are listed as follows:

Derivatives Market Specialist

  • Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)
  • Commodity Pool Operator (CPO)

Investment Product Programs

  • Gold Trading & Management
  • Crude Oil Trading & Management
  • Index Trading Strategies

Limited Market

  • Overview of the Capital Markets
  • Hedge Funds
  • Limited Partnerships

Investor Relations

  • Listing Services
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Placement

Offshore Business

  • VIE Structure
  • Going Offshore
 Technologies in education
Financial Trading Manual:

  1. Investment Industry
    • Futures, Stocks, Options, Foreign Exchange,CFDs
  2. Fundamental Outlook
    • Foreign Exchange Markets(Forex,or FX)
    • Macroeconomics on Forex
    • Features of Foreign Exchange Markets
    • Cash,Forward,Futures and Options
    • Forex Markets Structure-How the Industry Works
    • Foreign Exchange Markets Participants
    • Differences Between Forex and Stocks Markets
    • Factors That Impact Foreign Exchange Markets
    • How To Invest In the Foreign Exchange Markets
    • Interest in the Forex Trading
    • How to Calculate the Profit and Loss
  3. Technical Analysis
    • Charts, Technical Indicators, Japanese Candlestick
  4. Strategies
    • Spot Trading Strategies
  5. Order Types
  6. Market Entry/Exit
    • Conservative Entry, Aggressive Entry, Exit Technical
  7. Risk Management
  8. Market Behaviour
    • Market Psychology, Trading Ethics
  9. Trading Rules
  10. Policies and Regulations
    • Different Regulators’ Rules & Policies
    • How to Choose a Good Brokerage
  11. How to Prepare and Write A Daily Plan
  12. Exchange, or Brokerage Observation and Study
  13. Terminology
  14. Useful Information and Miscellaneous
  15. Conclusion
Licensing program:
CFTC and NFA registration course

  • Futures Trading Theory and Basic Functions Terminology
  • Margins, Option Premiums, Price Limits, Futures Settlements, Delivery, Exercise, and Assignment
  • Types of Orders and Price Analysis
  • Basic Hedging, Basis Calculations, Hedging Commodity Futures, Hedging Financial and Monetary Futures, including Security Futures Products such as SSFs and narrow-based indexes
  • Spreading
  • Speculating in Futures
  • Options Hedging, Speculation, Spreading
  • NFA/CFTC Regulations (relating to AP Activities), Regulations on CPOs/CTAs
  • Glossary